Below is a list of resources that will help you apply for your NILS loan.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



HR NILS Online Enquiry Form
You can use this form to begin your NILS application. The online form can be used on most computers, mobiles and tablets. To get your loan as quickly as possible, take some time to read our FAQs below. 

HR NILS Printable Enquiy Form
You can use this form if you would prefer to complete the Enquiry form by hand.  

HR NILS Application Cheat Sheet
This will provide a list of the additional informaiton we must have before we can begin to create your application.  

HR NILS Application FAQ
Providing your Supporting Documents can feel a little overwhelming. If you take some time to read through the above FAQs it may help to explain why we ask for specific information and help to send that info to us.

Statutory Declaration – Boarding
You will need to complete this form if you pay board or private rent.
Please include how much you pay per fortnight, and what this covers. For example, rent, water and/or electricity.

Statutory Declaration – Standard
You can use this form to confirm any expenses or circumstances not covered in the Boarding Statutory Declaration above.