Need help to buy a new fridge or washing machine?

Or help to register or repair your car?

Do you need new furniture, TV or help with school expenses?

Do you need help to pay for medical expenses or items?




Borrow up to: $2,000

for essential goods & services.


 up to: $3,000

but ONLY for bond or rent in advance paid to a real estate or community housing agency as part of a new lease agreement. 

*the amount you can borrow will depend on your circumstances. 

Check below to see if you are eligible for a NILS loan:

Due to an increase in demand, it can be difficult to reach us by phone.
If you are unable to leave a message, this means both phone lines are busy.
Remember, you can contact us at;  this can sometimes be the quickest way to reach us. 

We apologise for any delay you may experience.
The good news is you can do something to make your loan go through quicker!
Take some time to read our FAQ.

We know it can seem like a lot, but if you take it a question at a time, it’s not so bad! 🙂
It will let you know why we ask for the additional information we do, and may help you get that info to us.
As soon as we have everything, we book you into our next available spot!

HUNTER REGION NILS is a not for profit organisation and an accredited member of the NILS Program; governed by Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand (GSANZ), and supported by the Australian Federal and State Governments, and NAB.

We provide access to NILS loans for eligible community members
throughout the Hunter Region.


What is NILS?

The No Interest Loan Scheme is an alternative line of credit for individuals and families on low income. NILS provides small loans with no fees, interest or charges. Developed by the Good Shepherd Sisters in Victoria in 1981, NILS is now available throughout Australia, and New Zealand through accredited NILS Providers.

How Does NILS Work?

The NILS loans process is based on dignity and respect, and uses ‘circular community credit’. 

This means every repayment made by those who have a NILS loan will be used to help someone else…in this case, maybe You!

If you get a NILS loan, every repayment you make is used to help others.

Am I Eligible?

To be eligible for a NILS loan, you must:

  • Have a Pension or Health Care Card OR

    Earn less than $57,000 (after tax) for singles OR less than $75,000 (after tax) for couples or people with dependents (after tax).

  • Have lived at your current address or previous address for at least 3 months.

  • Show a capacity and willingness to repay your loan.

*special circumstances may be considered.

How Do I Apply?

STEP 1: Complete and submit or return our HR NILS Enquiry Form.

We have an online enquiry form, and a printable option you can complete by hand

    STEP 2: Take the time to read our HR NILS Cheat Sheet and our FAQ

    A link for both will be automatically emailed to you when you submit the online equiry form. You can also request it be sent to you by text, or use the links provided below. 

    STEP 3: Send the additional information we need to book your telephone interview.

    Our Cheat Sheet will help you start sending in the info we must have before we can begin to create your applicatoin, and our FAQ will let you know why we need more info and can also help you get that info to us. 

    Links or our forms are provided below:

    HR NILS Application Cheat Sheet

      HR NILS Application Process FAQ

      Online HR NILS Enquiry Form

      Printable HR NILS Enquiry Form.

      Please remember, we are here to help 🙂



      When we have all the information we need, we will:

      1. Book your telephone interview.
      2. Help you create – including a fortnightly budget, and submit your application for assessment.
      3. You will then be contacted with the outcome of your application within 24-48 hours after your application has been submitted for assessment.
      4. If approved, payment will be made on your behalf, and delivery or pick up details can be organised.


      How long does it take?

      In most cases, this may depend on you!

      Once you have completed and sumbitted your Enquiry form, we will need some additional information before we can book your telephone interview. Remember to read our HRNILS Loan Process Frequently Asked Questions, to make sure we can process your loan as soon as we can.  

      After your loan application is submitted for assessment, you will know the outcome within 24-48 hrs.  


      What can I buy?

      NILS Loan Are Available For:

      • Educational expenses
      • Household appliances
      • Household furniture
      • Health expenses
      • Technology
      • Car related items

      For full list, please click here 

      NILS Loans Cannot Be Used For:

      • Rent
      • Bills or debts
      • Cash or holidays

      For full list, please click here