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Q: What can I borrow for?

A: HRNILS lends for fridges, freezers, washing machines, heaters, computers, furniture, televisions, portable air conditioners, medical equipment, prescription eyewear; homeowners are able to borrow for stoves and hot water systems.

Q: How many items can I borrow for?

A: You can purchase multiple items from up to 3 different suppliers; however, you can only borrow up to the set loan limit.

Q: How much can I borrow?

A: We lend up to $1200.

Q: Can I borrow cash?

A: HRNILS lends for items only, not cash, and loan funds are made payable to the supplier.

Q: Can the loan include warranty and delivery?

A: Yes, make sure you have these clearly noted on your quote (download here), along with the energy rating.

Q: What is Centrepay and how does it work?

A: Centrepay is a free direct bill-paying service offered to customers receiving payments from Centrelink. Your HRNILS loan can be repaid by having a regular amount deducted from your Centrelink payment.

Q: What is the catch?

A: There is no catch. HRNILS is a community initiative whose aim is to provide fair credit to low income earners to purchase essential living items.

Q: How do you make your money?

A: Our loan funds, administration and wages are kindly paid for in the form of generous sponsorship and grant funding both from corporate and non-corporate sources.