Application Process

  1. Download an application pack below, or pick one up from your nearest HRNILS Agency or Outlet .
  2. Carefully read the application, including the NILS Client Rights & Responsibilities.
  3. Gather the relvant documents included in the Document List (provided below). NB: It is important to provide all the relevant information as we will need this to help you create your application, especially your budget. Please do not hesitate to contact us if have any questions, or need any help.
  4. Obtain a quote(s) for the item(s) you wish to purchase. NB: Please ask the supplier to include direct payment options, if possible.
  5. If you would like a face to face interview, please  contact your nearest HRNILS Agency to make an appointment.
    Alternatively, you can send your application documents directly to HRNILS Head Office at and we will conduct a telephone interview. NB: if you are sending photos of documents, please make sure we can read the information once printed. Your nearest HRNILS Agency or Outlet will also forward your doucments to HRNILS for you.
  6. Once HRNILS receives your application, we may contact you to conduct a telephone interview, or to obtain additional information.
  7. Once your application is processed, and you have completed the NILS Conditional Loan Agreement, your application will be submitted for assessment.
  8. The NILS Loan Provider should contact you within 2 – 4 days with the outcome of your application.

Document List

Before we can help you to create your application, we will need the following information.  If you have difficulty obtaining particular information, please ask for our help.

  • Proof of identity: Health Care Card, Pension Card, Low Income Card, Australian driver’s license, proof of age card, community identity card, Australian passport, birth certificate, immigration card.
  • Centrelink Income and Asset Statementif you need assistance to get your statement, please complete the Written Authority form included in your application pack. 

Housing: you need to provide one of the following:

  • If you pay rent and are named on the lease you will need to provide a Rental Ledger (statement of rental payments) from your Real Estate Agent, Housing NSW or Compass/Pacific Link
  • If you pay board or private rent: you will need to complete the Statutory Declaration indicating how long you have lived in your current residence, how much you pay per fortnight, and what this covers. E.g. is water or electricity included in your board or private rent?
  • If you own or are paying off your home: you will need to provide current Council & Water Rates. 

Other documents include:

  • Current electricity, gas, & water bills
  • Current phone & internet bills
  • Current 90 days (3 months) of bank transactions for all your bank accounts
  • 3 most recent pay slips if you are working
  • Details relating to current loans or other debts you may have. For example, are you paying off your home? Are you renting a fridge or other appliance? Do you have a Credit Card? Do you have a cash loan?
  • Official quote – as most payments will be made directly to the supplier, please make sure quotes include direct payment details, if possible. Make sure online quotes include a Quote Number and payment options.